Physical Exercise Makes A Heart Healthy

The necessity of physical exercise:

            Many epidemiological studies state that physical activities improve the health by decreasing the cardiovascular morbidity. In leisure time, the doctors advised doing some physical activities which can reduce the risk of Coronary Artery Disease(CAD). The leisure time the physical activity can decrease the rate of morbidity even when compared with genetic and other familial factors.

Benefits of physical exercises:

  • Physical activity has positive effects on metabolism and body composition, collateral vessel growth and mobilization of endothelial progenitor cells.
  • It will increase vascular nitric acid concentration (NO) which is responsible for vasodilation and leads to decrease of peripheral resistance.
  • It also increases plasma tissue plasminogen activator activity. Exercises based on cardiac rehabilitation can reduce body weight and cholesterol levels.
  • It helps to treat elevated BP, insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.
  • It has direct benefits on the heart and coronary vasculature and indirect benefits for improvements in risk factors for atherosclerotic disease.



Levels of physical exercise:

            Physical activity for primary prevention is class IB and for all eligible patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome is class IA. So the physical activity and exercise training are promoted for primary and secondary prevention of Coronary Artery Disease(CAD).

Moderate physical activities include walking briskly 5-8 km/hr, leisure cycling, moderate effort swimming, playing golf, general cleaning at home or lawn mowing.

Vigorous physical activities include running, rope jumping, pushups, pullups and situps. In Secondary prevention, aerobic training should be increased gradually.

Aerobic fitness will be achieved with regular walking by increasing the speed and distance gradually.

Test for patients:

Patients should check their pulse rate while exercising and according to the pulse rate, they should adjust their exercise intensity. Simply they can use talk test with other companies about the intensity during exercise or walk. Thus physical exercises can make heart healthier without any disorders.

Reasons To Quit Smoking Habit

Impact of smoking:

Smoking is a habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of a tobacco in the form of cigarettes. Smoking is not just a bad habit of an individual but also it affects the whole family members also.

Lung cancer is the most common disease which is caused due to smoking habit. Apart from lung cancer, it can also lead to many types of lung diseases, heart attack, stroke and etc. People standing near the smokers also inhales the tobacco gas which can also cause lung problems to them. This smoke can also affect an unborn baby in the mother’s womb. Birth defects like cleft palate and low birth weight are common problems for newborn babies whose mothers are exposed to first-hand or second-hand smoking.

What is Second Hand Smoking?

A person who smokes exhales 80% of the tobacco gas in his surrounding. Nearby people can inhale that gas which is poisonous and that is called as passive smoking or Second-Hand Smoking. In India, every year 1.2 lakh people are affected by this environmental tobacco pollution.

What is third-hand smoking?

            Most of the toxins from tobacco will be deposited in the bed sheet, pillow cover, window screen, etc. The family members who share the smoker’s room will be exposed to those harmful agents. This is called as third-hand smoking.

 Harmful substances in tobacco:

            Tobacco consists of formalin, arsenic, and naphtha which are the most hazardous substances. We all know that formalin is used for embalming dead bodies. Arsenic is used as a rat poison and naphthalin balls are used to keep the bugs away from new dresses in the cupboard.  These are the few substances available in tobacco from among 4000 odd chemicals in the tobacco smoke.  So, a smoker not only poisons himself but also embalms his own body while alive.

Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking Diseases Caused by TobaccoDiseases caused by tobacco:

There are many products available with harmful tobacco substances like the womens cigarette, cigarette lite, and electronic cigarette. Cigarette light can cause a type of lung cancer called as adenocarcinoma and regular cigarette can cause another subtype of lung cancer called as squamous carcinoma. The cigar is the reason for mouth cancer. By choosing the style of smoking, the choice of cancer is chosen by the smoker.

Why quit smoking?

            Most of the nearby people will suffer directly or indirectly because of the smoking habit. After all, we are living with them and for them. So if we stop smoking, people living nearby us also will be safe.

How to quit smoking?

            To stop the habit of smoking, you should get help from the medical professionals. From the second day of quitting, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms like irritability, anxiety, anger and loss of sleep. To manage these problems, medical supervision is essential.

The doctor will prescribe behavioral therapy, counseling, nicotine patches or inhalers along with other tablets to make quitting successfully. If you have undergone these prescriptions, you will become a normal person to get free from smoking in just 12 weeks.


Raise voice against smoking:

            Raise voice against smoking to help people free from lung diseases and mouth cancer. November month is considered as the “lung cancer awareness month” worldwide.

Latest Heart Diagnostic Center


Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital offers latest heart care services to the people. They provide extensive services to diagnose and treat heart diseases.  The heart care services are listed below

  • ASD, VSD, Permanent Pace Maker
  • CABG OFF Pump and ON Pump
  • Valve Replacements (MVR and AVR)
  • Tetralogy of fallots repair (ICR)
  • 24 hours emergency heart care
  • Angiogram
  • Angioplasty
  • Pacemaker replacement (Temporary and permanent)
  • Balloon Angioplasty
  • Child heart surgery
  • Heart valve transplantation
  • Balloon Valvuloplasty closure of ASD
  • All types of heart and lung surgeries


Heart Diagnostic Center



            Devadoss hospital provides special offers for heart care treatments under Government Medical Insurance Scheme. The cost for Angiogram treatment is Rs.9990 and the patient can return home after the treatment on that day itself. The cost of all advanced cardio checkup is Rs.3500 but here the rate is Rs.950 only. Devadoss hospital provides world-class treatments at low cost for the benefit of people.


Dr.R.Saravanan M.D., D.M, Cardio specialist says that the heart diseases are common for all age groups from children to adults. To prevent from these diseases, preventive measures to be taken. Particularly, a heart attack is the most common and the patient should be treated within one hour of the attack. Devadoss hospital provides advanced treatment to the patients for curing the disease.

In the past four months, Angiogram treatment is done for 100 people and Angioplasty for more than 40 people. And also ortho treatments and child speciality treatments are provided. They provide 24 hours emergency care treatment for all types of diseases. Devadoss multispeciality hospital provides advanced treatments for heart, ortho, and other departments also.

Dental Care Tips

Why is Dental Care important?

Teeth is one of the important factors which gives shape to the face and also it helps in speech.Teeth decides the health factor also.Because it helps in grinding the food which we intake.So the dental care is very important to protect the teeth.

General reasons that may affect a teeth:

Mouth is the gateway to our body.If there is any damage or infection in the teeth, it may affect the health.The most general reason for the teeth ache is cavities.This is the most common factor among adults and children who intakes plenty of chocolates.There may be a loss of teeth due to diseases or injuries.There is a lot of possibilities which may affect the healthy teeth.To avoid a major problem in the teeth, it should be taken care regularly.

Common dental diseases and treatment for them:

The most common dental diseases are

  • Dental caries(tooth decay)
  • Periodontal disease(gum disease),
  • Maligned teeth,
  • Oral cancers.
  • Broken teeth
  • Mouth ulcer

Healthy Teeth Tips for Life

Dental caries:        

Dental caries is the most common disease among the population.It affects all the ages from children to adults.It is common for children who takes an excess of sweets and gives little attention to brushing.It is the demineralization of enamel and dentine by an acid attack by bacteria.And also causes fits and pressures that are prone to caries.

Treatment for Dental Caries:

Dental caries is treated by tooth-colored filling or root canal therapy depending on the stage of caries.Fluorides are useful in preventing Dental caries.Fluorides combine with tooth enamel and it will make the teeth to be less resistant to acid attack.So, fluoride toothpaste is recommended for dental caries for the age above 5 years.

Periodontal disease(gum disease):

This is the most common disease next to Dental caries.Bleeding in the gum, bad breath, swollen gums are the symptoms of gum disease.This may be caused due to the negligence of oral health.

Treatment for Gum Disease:

Proper Dental Care and periodic visits to dentists for scaling will prevent from this disease.And also brushing the teeth before going to bed is the most important factor to prevent this disease.

Maligned teeth:

Maligned teeth are the disorder arrangements of teeth.This may affect the shape of the face.This is due to genetic inheritance.The disorder arrangement of teeth may affect the continuous speech also.

Treatment for maligned teeth:

Maligned teeth can be treated and corrected by Orthodontic treatment.After the treatment, the shape of the face will change so that the patient gets a good looking appearance and speech can be restored to normal form.

Oral cancer:

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that may be caused due to smoking or by chewing tobacco and Betel continuously.One should not start these habits or it should be quit if already continuing.For regular use of tobacco and betels, it may cause the teeth as colored due to stains on it.

Treatment for stains in teeth:

The stains in the teeth will be treated by bleaching if necessary.Bleaching of teeth is done by using carbamide peroxide.It removes the stains in the teeth.It is done either in the office or at home itself.This bleaching polishes the teeth and makes it shine.

Broken teeth:

Dental injuries may be caused due to accidents, sports injuries, first fighting, diving during swimming, abuse of teeth, photocured etc.

tips for teeth whitening Get Healthy Teeth For LifeTreatment to restore broken teeth:

Broken teeth can be easily restored to its original shape photocurable composite or ceramic crown.This may help the teeth to look back to it as original.

Mouth ulcer:

Ulcers in the mouth that are not healing for more than 15 days should be evaluated by the dentists.Because the dentists only know the possible cause to eliminate and follow it periodically.

Dental Care Tips by Dentists:

Some of the tips by dentists are suggested below for healthy tip.

  • Brushing twice a day is a must.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables often.
  • Floss your teeth after brushing.
  • Rinse your mouth after each meal thoroughly.
  • Visit Dentist twice a year for a routine checkup.
  • Quit smoking or other habits.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste.

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Physiotherapy Tips for Injuries During Madurai Marathon Training

Marathon training tip:

Marathon is a long distance running usually in kilometers. So the runners should take 4 weeks as their training period for marathon.Runners should stick to their training schedule regularly and maintain their running standard.They should make a healthy diet supplement each day.A week prior to the marathon, they should decrease their running distance gradually and keep them rest.

Advices for curing injuries:

 If any injury happens during training, don’t ignore to take care of it. If serious injuries such as fracture and tear of muscle/tendon/ligament occurs, consult a physiotherapists immediately. If any injuries can be managed for 3-4 days, take precaution steps by doing massage.If any injury cannot get settled within 3-5 days, consult a physiotherapists and diagnose it. During training, if no injuries are felt avoid unnecessary massage and new running strategies.Continue the precaution methods to get avoided from injuries.

Racing tip:

On racing day, arrange the necessary things required for racing such as shoes ,clothes and first aid kit and make it ready.Before running warm up session should be made to make the muscles stretched for getting ready to race.Warm up should be done for both pre-running and post running.Pre-running warm up helps to stretch large muscles by increasing joint ranges of motion.Jogging for 10 to 15 minutes will help for race.Post-running warm up helps to get relax after running.Cool down for 2 to 3 minutes and do stretches.During racing, if any injury or dehydration happens don’t continue to race.

Physiothera Tips for Injuries During Madurai Marathon Training

Types of injuries and precautions:

  • Runners Knee – During a long run or descending from hills/stairs, there will be a irritation of cartilage behind the kneecap. To avoid this, strengthen your muscles by swimming and cycling and avoid running downhill.
  • Achilles Tendon – When running from hills and increased work speed may cause tight and weak calves.This may make tendon to tighten and inflame.According to the inflammation, treatment varies.
  • Hamstring Injuries – After a powerful sprinting, it may imbalance the muscle and weakens hamstring. For strengthening hamstring , runner should be in rest and gentle running is prefered.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – For a long period of standing and performing high or low arches, there will be small tear of tendons/ligaments. To get recover from this it will take 3 months to 1 hour.
  • Shin Splints – This injury is common for new runners and cause small tears in muscles around tibia. To get rid of this injury ,reduce running speed for one month and slowly build up the mileage.
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) – When runner builds fast mileage and heavy work on track is made IT band irritates femur bone. To avoid this, reduce mileage of running and take rest for 1-2 days.
  • Stress Fracture – If runner undergoes heavy training by increasing duration of running too soon may cause cumulative strain on bones.For this fracture, take 8-16 weeks rest and should not attempt to run.

  These are the tips given by physiotherapists for injuries during marathon training.This helps runners to get a view about injuries and it helps to enhance their training without any flaws.

Tips For a Safe Madurai Marathon by Physical Therapist’s

What is a race?

A race may hold in both competitive and healthy manner.From childhood itself, we start our running.Schools are encouraged to race by setting competitions.In a race, the destination is set to reach within a particular time.Some race as an athlete for winning and some race to stay healthy.Anyway a race set goals for everyone.A recent study says that runners have longer lifespans than nonrunners.

How to run safely?

Physical therapists give tips for running safely. They advise performing some activities such as warming session before running for a race.They care for improving health by racing and also helps to restore the injuries. Most of the physical therapists are runners themselves and they set a strategy for running safely.


What physical therapists advice?

Let ‘s see what are the guidelines given by physical therapists for racing safe. Before beginning a race, it is important to adapt our body for running. Beginners should adapt their body for a race by gradually increasing the speed and distance. Beginners should not put too much stress on winning in their first competition without a proper training. This may lead to an injury.

Runners in their mid age 30s and above should consider their age when returning to run. They should not increase their running distance for more than 10 percent per week which will be unsafe.So physiotherapists advice to train well before running well.

How the training should be?

During training, the relaxation time should be given to the trainers. It is not a break for them but it is to restart them by relaxing their muscles. It is advisable for runners at their master’s level(40 ‘s) to take the recovery time for every third week instead of the fourth week in a marathon training program.

Runners should know how to handle the pain, They should know which pain should be handled and which to be taken to notice.Some pains such as which occurs at a specific area for a long time, which occurs regularly in a particular area and which persists after a run for a long time should be noticed and treated.Runners should take a healthy diet before racing to maintain their stability and it is compulsory to take bananas in their dessert.

Tips for racing:

Race day is the most important day for the runners. Nervousness should be avoided which may lead to nausea. For racing, shoes should be comfortable so that they can race easily without any flaws. Wear shoes that are used for 2-3 weeks training before racing. New shoes may give discomfort and may result in unexpected pain.

Races are energizing so that many runners get out of the gate too quickly.So choose your split and run consciously.

Tips For a Safe Madurai Marathon by Physical Therapist's

Types of Injuries and ways to prevent it:

Injuries may occur during racing.Female runners may experience hip pain due to body imbalance. They should take physical therapists advice to maintain the balance.Knee injuries are the most common for runners.This is due to over-striding.Over-striding means the foot lands far from the body causing the leg to take an unnecessary stress that can injure the knee.

Injuries can be prevented by warming up session before running.This helps to activate the muscles.Beginners should not take more running practice in a week instead they should do swimming, biking as a part of practice.Strength training also helps in improving the strength to the core and improves your running. For many injuries, a small break from running can heal the tissue.During this period, tissues will repair themselves.

Planning a race day:

Planning for a race day is the most factor for success.At least one week before your race should run daily as a practice.As I told earlier, you should be able to make a regular diet with rich protein supplements and decide on the shoes and clothes you wear for the race.Runners should stay hydrated and at least 8 hours of sleep should be taken.

These are the necessary tips for a safe run given by physical therapists.

Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital Performs Cardiac Surgery on Kid


In the history of South TamilNadu, Devadoss hospital provides an advanced treatment to a four and half years child to treat his heart disease.A child named Aakash residing at Kambam in Theni district suffered from heart disease from the time of his birth.The child’s parent took him to a government hospital for his treatment.But there he was kept waiting and not treated by doctors.As the child was from poor background he cannot afford at private hospital.At that time, they attended a camp conducted by Little Moppet Heart Foundation and doctors diagnosed him.After diagnosis, it was found that Aakash was suffering from heart disease and a disorder functionality of lung.After diagnosis he was admitted in Devadoss Hospital, Madurai.Doctors started their treatment for Aakash and they found that he had a hole in between the two chambers of heart.Doctors gave him an advanced treatment to cure his disease and now Aakash  is surviving well.


For the first time in the history of South TamilNadu, Minimally invasive cardiac surgery was done for a 4.5 years kid of 16 kg weight by Devadoss Hospital.Aakash, a 4.5 years child of 16 kg was born with a hole in his heart.His parents are daily wages at a farm in Kambam.So they are not able to afford money for their son’s treatment.They went to a government hospital for his treatment.In that hospital, doctor told them to wait for 1 year and no proper treatment was given to the child.One of their relatives referred them to a free medical camp conducted by Little Moppet Heart Foundation.After examining him, doctors said that child was suffering from congenital heart disease, an Ostium secendum type of Atrial Septal Defect with Moderate Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.Then he was admitted at Devadoss Hospital, Madurai.Dr.Gopi Nallaiyan, Consultant and Paediatric Cardiac surgeon diagnosed him and he made the ASD closure by a small incision in the middle of the chest(Lower partial sternotomy).While addressing the media person, Dr.Gopi Nallaiyan said,”Generally, such minimally invasive small incision cardiac surgeries were performed on adults, but here, it was done on a 4.5year old boy weighing 16 kg only.Besides, they are usually done through the side of the chest wall,and with another incision in the thigh for cardio pulmonary bypass.But in Aakash ‘s case, the entire procedure was done through a small incision in the middle of the chest”.


A four and half child named S.Aakash was with Atrial Septal Defect(ASD),a congenital heart disease referring to a hole in the wall bifurcating two upper chambers of the heart was cured through mini-sternotomy,a minimally invasive open heart surgery at Devadoss Hospital, Madurai.S.Aakash is a son of a daily wager working at Kambam,Theni was often suffering from respiratory tract infection because of the disease.But the local government hospital asked them to wait for 1 year.One of their relatives adviced them to attend a medical camp conducted by Little Moppet Heart Foundation.From there he was referred to Devadoss Hospital, Madurai. Dr.Gopi Nallaiyan, Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon at the hospital diagnosed him.After diagnosing, initially they drop the option for surgery as the hole was too large.The team then decided to do open heart surgery.Usually the surgery was made to adults with two incisions- one through side chest wall and another in thigh.But the boy was weighing just 16 kgs, the doctors had to manage with a single incision in the middle of the chest.The surgery was done and the tubes for heart-lung machine were connected through this single incision which requires an extremely delicate approach.But in contrary to adults, the full length of the chest bone (sternum)

Will be cut for open surgery.Doctor said that only half of the chest bone was cut for the boy.So only it is called as mini-sternotomy.Hospital authority said it was the first such procedure surgery done in the southern part of TamilNadu under Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.

A 4.5 years child undergoes a lower section sternotomy at Devadoss Hospital, Madurai. Regarding this surgery, Dr.Gopi Nallaiyan said that a child named Aakash residing at Kambani in Theni was suffering from heart disease from the time of his birth.Many doctors suggested that surgery cannot be done to the child as he is only 4.5 years.In this situation he was brought to Devadoss Hospital for treatment.After diagnosing, it was found that he was suffering with a hole inbetween the two chambers of heart.For this, surgery was preferred by doctors.But this type of surgery was done in Chennai only with a cost of Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs.This surgery was usually done for persons weighing above 25 kgs.The doctors of Devadoss Hospital made this surgery to Aakash for the first time in the southern part of TamilNadu.It took 5 hours for the surgery to complete with the cost of Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2.5 lakhs.This surgery was named as Lower Section Sternotomy.


Elankumar, a resident at Kambam in Theni District.His son’s name is Aakash with 4.5 years.Aakash was suffering from heart disease from the time of his birth.In this situation he was admitted at Devadoss Hospital, Madurai for his treatment.Cardiology doctors examined him and found that he had a hole inbetween the two chambers of heart.After this, a surgery was done to the child and now the child is well.Regarding this, Dr.Gopi Nallaiyan said that the child was only 4.5 years old and many doctors suggested that it was risk to do surgery for him.This type of surgery can be done only to the persons weighing above 25 kgs.But Aakash was oly 16 kgs so that a small incision was made to undergo the surgery and the surgery was successful.This was the advanced treatment done for the first time in Southern part of TamilNadu to a 4.5 years child.

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