Treatment of ACNE & ACNE Scars

Acne is a skin condition affecting millions of people from age group of 15- 30 years across the world. Acne scars not only leads to social embarrassment but can also leave scars on your face for the whole life. So a timely correct treatment is important.

In most of the patients visiting our clinic, we prescribe only gels and creams to apply without any oral medicines & they usually respond. In some patients oral medicines are added when required. Unlike most of the places, here you won’t be misguided to undergo peels & laser treatments portraying them as the only treatment option to solve your problem.


Chemical Peeling

Peels are simple but skillful procedures,expertise is required in picking the right peel from the various array of peals available for the correct treatment.

Intense pulse light

Intense pulse light is a painless laser treatment to treat and prevent pimples.


MicroDermabrasion is a very effective treatment for mild acne scars.

Erbium pixel Laser

Erbium pixel Laser is the latest treatment available for deep scars.The depth of the scar is guaged and accordingly treated without any side effects.

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