Anti Ageing Clinic

Anti Ageing Clinic

The recent advances in the field of biomedical research have made possible the slow rate of ageing. Our Anti-Ageing clinic promises clients a slow ageing process while also reversing some of the effects of ageing. Ageing is the result of cumulative cellular damage which begins right from the moment of conception. As we reach physical and sexual maturity the cumulative rate of damage increases in speed and intensity.



There are several range of imported peels to reduce wide pores and to mildly tighten skin in early aging process. Specialized peel for dark patches, and dark under eye circles help improve aging skin.

Intense Pulse Lights

This is widely used to treat various pigmentary problems due to aging, reduce wide pores treat mild wrinkles and excellent in skin rejuvenation.

Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment is a painless injections used to wipe away active wrinkles from forehead and around the eyes.


There are variety of injection used to fill in the deep wrinkles,scars and for defective skin on the face.

Fat Transfers

Autologous Fat Transfer is a very safe and proved treatment to get fuller lips,fill deeper scars and areas of tissue loss.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is a well established non-surgical treatment where collagen resynthesis is achieved through harmless radio frequency waves passing through the skin without damaging the superficial layers.

Erbium Pixel Laser

Skin Rejuvenation to erase lines,dark patches and rough skin. It induses collagen neo synthesis to make skin brightertighter and younger.

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