Dental Care Tips

Why is Dental Care important?

Teeth is one of the important factors which gives shape to the face and also it helps in speech.Teeth decides the health factor also.Because it helps in grinding the food which we intake.So the dental care is very important to protect the teeth.

General reasons that may affect a teeth:

Mouth is the gateway to our body.If there is any damage or infection in the teeth, it may affect the health.The most general reason for the teeth ache is cavities.This is the most common factor among adults and children who intakes plenty of chocolates.There may be a loss of teeth due to diseases or injuries.There is a lot of possibilities which may affect the healthy teeth.To avoid a major problem in the teeth, it should be taken care regularly.

Common dental diseases and treatment for them:

The most common dental diseases are

  • Dental caries(tooth decay)
  • Periodontal disease(gum disease),
  • Maligned teeth,
  • Oral cancers.
  • Broken teeth
  • Mouth ulcer

Healthy Teeth Tips for Life

Dental caries:        

Dental caries is the most common disease among the population.It affects all the ages from children to adults.It is common for children who takes an excess of sweets and gives little attention to brushing.It is the demineralization of enamel and dentine by an acid attack by bacteria.And also causes fits and pressures that are prone to caries.

Treatment for Dental Caries:

Dental caries is treated by tooth-colored filling or root canal therapy depending on the stage of caries.Fluorides are useful in preventing Dental caries.Fluorides combine with tooth enamel and it will make the teeth to be less resistant to acid attack.So, fluoride toothpaste is recommended for dental caries for the age above 5 years.

Periodontal disease(gum disease):

This is the most common disease next to Dental caries.Bleeding in the gum, bad breath, swollen gums are the symptoms of gum disease.This may be caused due to the negligence of oral health.

Treatment for Gum Disease:

Proper Dental Care and periodic visits to dentists for scaling will prevent from this disease.And also brushing the teeth before going to bed is the most important factor to prevent this disease.

Maligned teeth:

Maligned teeth are the disorder arrangements of teeth.This may affect the shape of the face.This is due to genetic inheritance.The disorder arrangement of teeth may affect the continuous speech also.

Treatment for maligned teeth:

Maligned teeth can be treated and corrected by Orthodontic treatment.After the treatment, the shape of the face will change so that the patient gets a good looking appearance and speech can be restored to normal form.

Oral cancer:

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that may be caused due to smoking or by chewing tobacco and Betel continuously.One should not start these habits or it should be quit if already continuing.For regular use of tobacco and betels, it may cause the teeth as colored due to stains on it.

Treatment for stains in teeth:

The stains in the teeth will be treated by bleaching if necessary.Bleaching of teeth is done by using carbamide peroxide.It removes the stains in the teeth.It is done either in the office or at home itself.This bleaching polishes the teeth and makes it shine.

Broken teeth:

Dental injuries may be caused due to accidents, sports injuries, first fighting, diving during swimming, abuse of teeth, photocured etc.

tips for teeth whitening Get Healthy Teeth For LifeTreatment to restore broken teeth:

Broken teeth can be easily restored to its original shape photocurable composite or ceramic crown.This may help the teeth to look back to it as original.

Mouth ulcer:

Ulcers in the mouth that are not healing for more than 15 days should be evaluated by the dentists.Because the dentists only know the possible cause to eliminate and follow it periodically.

Dental Care Tips by Dentists:

Some of the tips by dentists are suggested below for healthy tip.

  • Brushing twice a day is a must.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables often.
  • Floss your teeth after brushing.
  • Rinse your mouth after each meal thoroughly.
  • Visit Dentist twice a year for a routine checkup.
  • Quit smoking or other habits.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste.

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