Specialised Leucoderma Clinic

Leucoderma or White Patches is a common condition where white patches develop on the skin due to loss of pigment from affected areas of the skin. There are usually no other symptoms. In some cases the pigment can be restored with medical treatment & phototherapy without surgery. Also the affected area can be covered by skin camouflage creams& colors.

If the vitiligo is noticeable by other people, embarrassment can lead to self-esteem problems, and in some cases depression. Thus it is considered as a social stigma. These girls & boys with white skin patches, especially demand correction if they are in marriage age group. Some elderly parents also wants vitiligo correction to avoid rejection of their son or daughter for marriage, as vitiligo is known to run in some families. This is the latest techniques to treat Lecoderma. Treatment provided first and fore most of all prevents spread of patches.


Narrow Band

Narrow Band UVB Chamber to stop spread and repigmentation

High power Targeted Narrow Band UVB

High power Targeted Narrow Band UVB Theraphy is very effective for faster repigmentation taken.

Lip Vitiligo

Lip Vitiligo Surgery is done to treat white patched on the lips.This specialized technique needs highly skilled skin epidermal graft for excellent cosmetic results.

Melanocyte Transplant Technique

Melanocyte Transplant Technique is perfected from sweden. This is very effective for repigmentation where cells from the skin are processed and applied on white patches to bring about pigmentation in a natural way.

Carbondioxide laser treatment

Carbondioxide laser treatment for scar resurfacing and in the removal of warts,moles and precise excision for various skin conditions.

Erbium Yag Laser

Erbium Yag Laser for treatment of syringoma, xanthelasmas, seborrheic keratoses and mole etc.

Q-Switched ND-Yag

Q-Switched ND-Yag is excellent for removal of tattoo and pigmented problems like freckles,nevus etc.

ND-Yag laser

To treat thread veins,Nd-Yag laser light penetrates the skin make thread veins and spider neavil disappear before your eyes.Effective in treatment of port wine stain.

Erbium Pixel laser

Very effective in treating acne scars,post burns scars,accident scars,chicken box scars and post surgical scars.

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