Plastic Surgery – A Boon to Acid Attack Survivors

One of the very gruesome sights is the face of an acid victim, i.e. generally the face of a female who has had raw acid thrown on her face. Gruesome it may seem for an onlooker’s sight but actually gruesome it is for the victim. Generally, acid attacks do not kill victims. Perpetrators have the intention, however, of killing the victims’ life potential by creating a barrier between them and society, alienating them from others, hindering their ability to get a job and curtailing their chances of getting married or having a family.  Also, with the help of the skilled dermatologist in Madurai you can do Plastic Surgery, and rebuild your life after the acid attack.

Surgical Reconstruction for Acid Attack Victims

Acid attacks inflict permanent damage to the skin, and are notoriously difficult to treat. They generally result in wounds comparable to those of burn victims, influencing the type of surgical treatment they necessitate. The surgical treatment plan by the skin specialist in Madurai for victims depends on multiple factors, including:

  • How long the acid was in contact with the skin
  • How quickly correct first aid was applied following the attack
  • The locations on the body that have come into contact with the acid
  • The concentration of the acid
  • The variant of acid that was used
  • The extent of the area affected by the acid

However, despite the permanent and often lethal scarring inflicted by an acid attack, plastic reconstructive surgery by the plastic surgeon in Madurai offers victims the possibility of surgically reconfiguring their face using a range of techniques, all in the effort to restore their quality of life and recognition of self.

Effects of Acid Attacks

The most common acids used to attack people are sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Highly concentrated sulfuric acid is particularly corrosive and dangerous as the effects are instant and the damage caused irreversible.

The victim will experience after the acid attack…

  1. The victim of a sulfuric acid attack first feels a hot sensation on their face before an agonizing pain sets in as the skin swells and shrivels in response to the chemical reaction.
  2. Acid usually penetrates the skin deeply, resulting in a wound similar to a third or fourth degree burn.
  3. These burns take up to four months to heal properly, during which time infection must be avoided to prevent further damage and scarring. Once the wound has healed, a hypertrophic (raised, puffy and red) scar usually takes its place.

Final Words

Acid throwing is a form of violence which can permanently disfigure victims. Did you know in recent years, incidences of acid attacks have been on the rise in the U.K., India and in the United States? Acid attacks can cause severe burns which inflict deep trauma to the skin. Plastic surgery by the best skin doctor in Madurai will dramatically restore quality of life for acid attack survivors.