Reduce The Risk Of Lung Cancer With Garlic

Lung cancer is one of the deadly diseases and about 1.2 million people die due to lung cancer all over the world. The main cause of lung cancer is smoking. But a research says that one fifth of the lung cancer occurs in people who never smokes in their life. Lung cancer is often diagnosed at the later stage where the risk increases and it becomes not curable.
Most of the people hear that garlic is a healthy vegetable. A study reveals that garlic helps to treat lung cancer effectively. Consuming raw garlic regularly reduces the risk of lung cancer and it is found effective on regular smokers. Garlic is rich in medicinal properties and it is widely used as a home remedy for curing many diseases. Recently, researchers revealed that garlic reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Reduce The Risk Of Lung Cancer with Garlic
Researchers tested patients suffering from lung cancer with the healthy people. At the end of the research, it is proved that people who consumed fresh garlic for at least two times per week have a lower risk of lung cancer by 44 percent. People with smoking habit also has 30 percent lower risk of lung cancer. These researches are made on fresh raw garlic and it is not known on the preserved or dried garlic.

Garlic has a chemical called ‘allicin’, a sulfur compound that is formed when it is crushed or chopped. This Allicin has many medicinal values and the health benefits of garlic are listed below
• Allicin is an anti-oxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals in the body.
• Reduces the inflammations.
• Used as a natural remedy to treat colds and infections.
• Lowers the blood pressure and increases the production of insulin.
• Blocks the formation of cancer-causing substances.
• Enhances DNS repair.
• Reduces cell proliferation or induce cell death.
• Reduces the risk of several forms of cancer such as stomach, lung, esophageal, breast, colorectal and bladder.