Risk of topical compounds in new born skin

TriclosanLiquid deodarent SoapsThe risk of toxication seen with phenolic compounds
Povidine – iodineTopical antiseptic (Betadine)Hypothyroidism, goiter
Isopropyl alcohol (Under occlusion)Topical anti-septicCutaneous haemorrhagic necrosis
Propylaxglycol Emollients cleansing agentsExcessive internal & para using risk of hyperosnolality & seizures
Benzothonium chloride Skin cleansersPoisoning ingestion carcino genesis
Glycerin Emollients cleansing agentsHyperosnolality & Seizure
Amonium Lactate Exfolliants, emollientsPossible lactic acidosis
Coaltar Shampoos, topical anti-inflammatory ointmentsExcessive use of polycystic aromatic hydrocarbons: risk of cancer
Salicyclic acid Shampooos Keratolytic emollientsMetabolic acidosis, salicyclism