Tips For a Safe Madurai Marathon by Physical Therapist’s

What is a race?

A race may hold in both competitive and healthy manner.From childhood itself, we start our running.Schools are encouraged to race by setting competitions.In a race, the destination is set to reach within a particular time.Some race as an athlete for winning and some race to stay healthy.Anyway a race set goals for everyone.A recent study says that runners have longer lifespans than nonrunners.

How to run safely?

Physical therapists give tips for running safely. They advise performing some activities such as warming session before running for a race.They care for improving health by racing and also helps to restore the injuries. Most of the physical therapists are runners themselves and they set a strategy for running safely.


What physical therapists advice?

Let ‘s see what are the guidelines given by physical therapists for racing safe. Before beginning a race, it is important to adapt our body for running. Beginners should adapt their body for a race by gradually increasing the speed and distance. Beginners should not put too much stress on winning in their first competition without a proper training. This may lead to an injury.

Runners in their mid age 30s and above should consider their age when returning to run. They should not increase their running distance for more than 10 percent per week which will be unsafe.So physiotherapists advice to train well before running well.

How the training should be?

During training, the relaxation time should be given to the trainers. It is not a break for them but it is to restart them by relaxing their muscles. It is advisable for runners at their master’s level(40 ‘s) to take the recovery time for every third week instead of the fourth week in a marathon training program.

Runners should know how to handle the pain, They should know which pain should be handled and which to be taken to notice.Some pains such as which occurs at a specific area for a long time, which occurs regularly in a particular area and which persists after a run for a long time should be noticed and treated.Runners should take a healthy diet before racing to maintain their stability and it is compulsory to take bananas in their dessert.

Tips for racing:

Race day is the most important day for the runners. Nervousness should be avoided which may lead to nausea. For racing, shoes should be comfortable so that they can race easily without any flaws. Wear shoes that are used for 2-3 weeks training before racing. New shoes may give discomfort and may result in unexpected pain.

Races are energizing so that many runners get out of the gate too quickly.So choose your split and run consciously.

Tips For a Safe Madurai Marathon by Physical Therapist's

Types of Injuries and ways to prevent it:

Injuries may occur during racing.Female runners may experience hip pain due to body imbalance. They should take physical therapists advice to maintain the balance.Knee injuries are the most common for runners.This is due to over-striding.Over-striding means the foot lands far from the body causing the leg to take an unnecessary stress that can injure the knee.

Injuries can be prevented by warming up session before running.This helps to activate the muscles.Beginners should not take more running practice in a week instead they should do swimming, biking as a part of practice.Strength training also helps in improving the strength to the core and improves your running. For many injuries, a small break from running can heal the tissue.During this period, tissues will repair themselves.

Planning a race day:

Planning for a race day is the most factor for success.At least one week before your race should run daily as a practice.As I told earlier, you should be able to make a regular diet with rich protein supplements and decide on the shoes and clothes you wear for the race.Runners should stay hydrated and at least 8 hours of sleep should be taken.

These are the necessary tips for a safe run given by physical therapists.