Teaching Faculty

Teaching Faculty of IORAS :-

Prof.A. Devadoss, Director & Chief of Orthopaedics, detailed over all control of the teaching programme and detailed teaching about each and every case during ward rounds.

Dr. Sathish Devadoss, MBBS., MS. (Ortho), M.Ch., (Ortho), UK, FASIF (Aust.,). Head, Department of Orthopaedics. He teaches the Post Graduate Trainees about the intrinsic of major surgeries and take weekly classes on regular intervals to equip the trainees to acquaint themselves with the nuances of Orthopaedics which is very much helpful for the trainees in their acquisition of knowledge needed for getting through the examination easily which is one of the reasons for our achieving very good results.

DR. Muthu Kumar Balaji M.B.B.S.,D.Ortho., D.N.B.(Ortho) (Senior Registrar).

DR. Jeyakumar M.B.B.S.,D.Ortho., D.N.B.(Ortho) (Senior Registrar).

DR. Bala Sukumaran M.B.B.S.,D.Ortho., D.N.B.(Ortho)(Senior Registrar).

Dr. Mrs.P. Bhanumathy, Retd., Professor of Anatomy, Madurai, Medical College. [She used to take Anatomy Classes every week.]

Prof. A. Subramanian, M.S., (Ortho), Retd., Professor, Madurai Medical College. He used to take classes in Orthopaedics for the PGS every week.

Visiting academicians are made to teach the PGS quite often.

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