Training Programme


The Structured Training programme for the Post Graduate students include formal lectures, case discussions, seminars, journal clubs, video clubs, case presentations, ward and out-patient care. Also supervised exposure to procedures in operation theatre.

Maintenance of Records

Case records daily, discharge summaries when the patients are discharged etc.

Log Book

All academic activities as well as procedures in which the student has participated is entered in the Log Book duly countersigned by the faculty and the Head of the Department once in a month.


Students cover the ward and out-patients department. They will be on call 5 per month. Ward and emergency works are carried out under the guidance of the Senior Resident.


Out-Patient Schedule :

The students attend the out-patient department on alternative days both morning and afternoon. Students actively involve in diognosing the patients. Clinical acumen is well imparted during this period.

Ward Rounds :

Students are allotted specific wards and will be responsible for the care of the patient. Teaching is carried out during the ward rounds, besides discussions and pre-operative planning of cases. Post-Operative care and rehabilitation knowledge is imparted during the course of the treatment. Apart from this, students are taken for special ward rounds by visiting Faculties who come for monthly meetings conducted by the Institute.

Operation Theatre :

Students attend the theatre as per the rotation and involve actively in the procedures. Also they attend emergency theatre work whenever on call. Students maintain the logbook of the theatre activities. They are allowed to perform procedure under supervision as per the National Board Guidelines.

Seminars :

Students are allotted a specific topic to be presented once in every week on Monday. Seminar will be moderated by a faculty member and the Head of the Department.

Clinical Demonstrations :

Critical review of current topics in the journal is done once in a fortnight moderated by the faculty member, on Wednesday afternoon.

Video Club :

Students are shown a video presentation on procedure commonly performed once in a fortnight on Wednesday afternoon.

Lectures Classes :

Anatomy and Pathology classes are conducted once in a fortnight on Thursdays. Lectures on specific topics will be delivered by the faculty members on every Friday with active involvement of the students.

Monthly Clinical Meeting :

Students will be actively participating in the monthly clinical meeting conducted by the Institute on last Saturday. Interesting cases are presented during the meeting. Active participation is also encouraged in the monthly meeting hosted by the city Orthopaedic Club on first Saturday.

Monday - Seminar by Post Graduates Students

Tuesday - Clinical Demonstration

Wednesday - Journal and Video Club

Thursday - Seminars, Lectures on Pathology, Anatomy etc.,

Friday - Lectures on Orthopaedic Topics

Saturday - Radiology Classes / Monthly Meeting [Institute and Ortho Club]

The DNB Trainees regularly attend the Madurai Branch of the Orthopaedic Association which is part of the Indian Orthopaedic Association. They attend 2 meetings monthly and present papers.

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