Unwanted hair removal

Hair is a crowning glory when on the head but it is the problem when it is grown on the unexpected parts. The laser is spoken very commonly about but the detailed description will help one to understand and help one to choose best from the better.

What is the laser?
Laser means light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

What is Hirsutism?
Excessive growth of facial or body hair (like male pattern) in women is called Hirsutism.

What is the cause for it?
They are several causes for it. Many a time it is because of androgen (male hormone). At times this increase in androgen level is due to some underlying medical condition. In few, it is because of intake of medicines like hormone (infertility), steroids, oral contraceptive pills, cyclosporine etc., however, many times there is no cause for it. It is called Idiopathic Hirsutism.

Can Hirsuitism be hereditary?
Yes, it can be. At times there is fine hair all over the body called hypertrichosis.

How does laser work in hair removal?
The laser beam, when passing through the skin, will pass through the melanocytes (pigment cells) which are maximum in the hair roots.Once it is absorbed it transfer into heat energy which destroys the hair roots. A very good cooling device is needed so that surrounding skin does not get damaged.

Contact cooling is necessary as it will constantly cool the skin and does not allow the transferred heat energy to damage the surrounding cells.

What are all the types of laser for hair removal?

  • Nd:Yag laser
  • Diode laser
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL)

Laser expert can decide which laser will be effective depending on the type of the skin.

laser-how-longAre lasers suited for dark skin?

Yes. There are many lasers suited for darker skin. A laser expert with good experience will be able to pick the best laser which will suit your skin. Darker the skin more the caution in treatment as dark skin tends to burn very easily and scar. That is why lasers with constant cooling during and after the procedure are best suited for darker skin types.

How many sessions of treatment are needed for total hair loss?
Normally, body hair is in three phases. Laser beam targets hair at anagen(rapid hair growth stage) of growth. So number session must be determined by the laser expert. Usually, 90-95% of the hair is lost and it needs 9-5 sittings.

Can a person under infertility treatment start laser?
Yes. The laser will never harm your treatment and this can also be done along with the treatment. The laser can be scheduled accordingly.

What has to be done prior to laser?
no precaution is mandatory before starting your LASER. A person can walk in and finish their treatment and continue with their work the next moment.

What are all the areas that can be treated using the laser?
Any part of the body can be treated without any side effects. Soprano ICE is designed to treat the hair on any part of the body with best results.

How long should a person spend for laser treatment?
Time of the session depends on the area to be treated. Approximately it takes 5 minutes to few hours. SOPRANO ICE used at Sanche Cosmetic Centre is specially designed for the whole body hair removal in just 4 hours.


How much improvement can one expect after each sitting?
Usually, there is a loss of hair of 20-25% in each sitting and the thickness of the hair gets lesser.
How much gap should be given between each sitting?
For the facial hair, one will have to expect sitting anywhere between 40-50 days. Body parts like hand and legs tend to grow back slowly when done with a good laser and will need repeat session after 2-2.5 months.
Is laser treatment very expensive?
The expense of the laser depends on the area to be treated. The expense which you spend here gives you a permanent solution for the hair loss and comparatively with the other temporary hair removal procedures is very satisfactory.