Floating Kidney

Floating kidney is a condition in which the kidney moves down from its normal position when a person stands straight or lies flat. This is medically known as nephroptosis. If a kidney moves downwards, then it is suggested that it is not fixed fully by the tissues surrounding it. It is also known as kidney prolapse condition.

Floating kidney can occur in both men and women but it is far common in women. It is estimated that 20% of the women have floating kidney but only a few experience its symptoms. It tends to affect the right kidney more than the left.

Causes of Floating Kidney:

The causes of floating kidney are listed below

  1. Kidneys are supported by a soft connective tissue called perirenal fascia. When this tissue is damaged or not present in abundance, then it will cause floating kidney.
  2. If anyone receives a blow to the kidney or the area above or below the kidney, then there may be a chance of floating kidney. This is not due to congenital defect.
  3. Young women who have thin and long waists can be affected.

Symptoms of Floating Kidney:

When a person experiences the following symptoms, it should be treated. It can occur rarely in some people.

  1. If the kidney is displaced, it can cause ureter to kink.
  2. Can cause pain during urination.
  3. May suffer from nausea, chills and high blood pressure.
  4. If there is a pain in the flank area, then it may cause discomfort.

Diagnosis of Floating Kidney:

Diagnosis can be done through a series of X-rays in the supine or the standing position if the person has any symptoms related to it. If the person has no pain or discomfort, then there is no need of diagnosis.

Treatment For Floating kidney

Treatment for Floating Kidney:

When a person has floating kidney and does not suffer from any symptoms, then there is no need of any treatment.

If the ureter becomes kinked and causes pain along with nausea, vomiting, and constipation, then the following home remedies are suggested

⦁    Make the patient lie in bed and keep them warm.

⦁    Warm bottles can be applied to the side abdomen area.

⦁    Diet with fattening substances should be given to increase the fat around the kidney.

⦁    To provide support and get relief from discomfort, a belt with rubber padding is suggested to wear around the area.

If these home remedies do not fix the problem, then a surgery called nephropexy is suggested. This surgery is done through laparoscopic techniques. It will make the kidney to place in correct position and the pain also eventually disappears.