Health Checkup

Nothing in this world is more precious than your health. To preserve the priceless possession, a timely preventive health check-up should be undertaken. Indians are succumbing to non-communicable diseases like HT (DM) cardiovascular diseases at a younger age due to high-risk factors. A complete health check-up will help you to minimize the risk factors & keep any illness away. Maintaining the concept in view, we, at Devadoss Hospital, aim at moving beyond the doctor-patient relationship, to that of being your partner in Healthcare. With our comprehensive Healthcare programs, we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

S. NoHealth Checkup
1Executive Health Checkup
2Master Health Checkup
3Woman’s Health Check
4Cardiac Surgical Profile
5Advanced cardiac Health Check up
Diabetec Health Checkup
1Mini Diabetes check
2Surgar control Pack
3Diabetes Risk checkup
4Diabetes Kidney Pack
5Diabetes Heart Check
6Comprehensive Diabetes Check