Diabetes mellitus today is assuming its status as a major health problem in our country. As a medical condition on its own it affects the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and brain. It is a major risk factor for those patients undergoing surgery for any other problems in our country and control of sugar is essential for uneventful surgery.

Diabetes institute at Devadoss Multi-Speciality Hospital, a team consisting of a fully qualified Physician diabetologist, dietician, diabetic care nurse, foot care surgeon, Opthalmologist work together to provide wholesome ambulatory care and educate the patients. Our emphasis is to drove home the importance of diet and lifestyle modification in the control of diabetes.

We have established lots of services to monitor the various biochemical parameters and keep a close watch on the health of the diabetic. Our institute offer state of the art blood glucose monitoring in the form of CGMS – Continuous glucose monitoring system.

We provide Insulin pump therapy for Type-1 Diabetec patients. For diabetec with no complications our stress is on routine regular check-ups to screen for early organ involvement and focused treatment to reverse the same.For those with advanced complications tertiary care such as dialysis and rehabilitation is also available. Our other area of interest is preventive foot care to avoid injuries and conditions leading to amputation. Walk in for comprehensive diabetec care.