Trichology Clinic

Trichology is a branch of dermatolgy that deal with the scientific study on the health of hair and scalp. Sanche Trichology Clinic has the latest of equipments & techniques to offer various hair and scalp problems.

Hair Transplant happens to be the the new blazing success in the area of finding a permanent solution for hair loss. People are becoming increasingly fond of hair transplant because of the various benefits it provides and the results that people have got. According to the various recent statistics, people who have opted to take up hair transplant have obtained successful results.We are hair transplant expert based in madurai.Our hospital is fully equipped to handle extensive hair transplant procedures, with a team of doctors who have vast experience and equally high credentials to boast of

Latest Of Treatments for Hair Loss

Newer variety of lotions and Medications are available to help Strengthen hair roots and decrease hair fall.

Laser Hair Comb

This help to reduce irritation, Dendruff and enhance hair Growth.


Specialised Techniques and needles are used to inject several Vitamins, Minerals,Growth factors and stem cells to enhance rapid hair growth.

Stem cell theraphy

Stem cells are injected into bald area to help new hair growth.

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