Summer Skin Problems

Some skin problems occur during some spread during summer of a face existing skin problems get averse during summer

Fungal & bacterial infections are the most common to occur because they better in humid weather and areas where there is less as in folds of the skin. People who wear fight clothes and synthetic clothes during summer and shoes for long time. Having bath twice per day and changing clothes twice per day. Dusting powder in the body creases will help reducing the occurrence of fungal infection.

Pity asis vesicular is another common fungal infection occurring during summer. It present with while patches in the back & chest.

Bacterial infection: Impefigo cantagiosac is a common fungal infection seen in mostly in the younger age group. Often occurs on the face, neck and hands. Common seasons for getting the inspection are pets, dirty finger nails and other kids. Scratures or the infected spot will spread the infection to other parts.

Good hygiene and cutting nails regularly is helpful

Millaria: Commonly known as prickly head. It is caused due to blocking of the flow of sweat from the sweat glands. It can be very itching and painful at times. It will increase due to friction of clothes. Forehead, body folds, upper back and chest, abdomen and are common sites. Dusting helps in normal cases. If it gets then one need s to see the doctor. There is a wide range of treatment of skin of which few include the topical anti Benzeyl

Acne scars are classified as macular scars

acne-scarsDepressed scars face pick scars are most common which are narrowed the base Rolling scars are distensible with gentle sloping edges itchment to the dermis and difficult to treat. Boxcar scars are shallow punched and wide and base is also wide

Hypertrophic scars: Keloids, back papules and brodging scars and sinus tracts are seen in severe acne. These are matter of cancel in skin types they are a real challenge to treat.
Intense pulse light is a very effective treatment It has a pulse width of 420 – 980 and has various filters. When the light towards the skin the light is caps to treat energy which destroys the bacteria and a shrink of the inflamed sebacc

Many abalative procedure s available is takes a long time to heal and has a increased risk of complications. Erkin facing CO2 laser result facing has good result a lot of pigmentary problems are seen in one skin types. Fractionated erkin and Co2 are the ulcer lasers available of which CO2 resurfacing takes a long time to heal and can lead of hyperpigmentation. Erkin pixel laser is the are which balances the treatment to the maxim extend and reduces side effects to the maximum. It has aware lengh of 2940. It causes microthermal alba with of normal skin., Healing usually occurs in 3 -4 days and complicated is more.