What Should I Do In Case Of A Medical Emergency?

Getting medical help right away can help save the life of an individual who is in distress. Of course, it is easier said than done. Medical emergencies can be frightening, especially if you are not prepared. But, you need to stay calm and act quickly. Contact the emergency care hospital in Madurai or call 108 as early as possible when there is a medical emergency.

Being familiar with the emergency medical conditions and first aid instructions can help you prevent or minimize serious injury so that you can save lives. Besides, being prepared and knowing what to do will give you the confidence to handle the situation calmly and quickly.

What should you do?

Survey the area

You have to ensure the place is safe. Check for a gas leak, fire, or any falling objects. Do whatever you could to secure the scene and prevent further damage. Ask help from someone who is nearby. If it is a road accident, set up markers around the spot to keep away the oncoming vehicles. Do not move the victim if he or she is injured as it may lead to severe injuries.

Call for help

Identify the number of victims involved and extent of illness or injuries and call local emergency services. The faster you call, the sooner the victim could be saved. So, act quickly.

Help the victim

Be careful and do not harm the victim further when helping. If the victim is not breathing, perform CPR immediately, and do not stop until the help arrives or the person revives. If the victim is injured, do not move the victim, especially if they have a spinal injury.

How can you be better prepared for medical emergencies?

Being proactive could help you stay calm and focused during medical emergencies. Besides, a master health checkup in Madurai is crucial to identify the medical condition at the earlier stage and treat it before it becomes worse.  Here is how you could be prepared:-

Store emergency numbers

When there is a medical emergency, the right person you would need is doctors or medical technicians, especially if you are alone. Store the emergency numbers of the police fire department, local hospital, your family doctor, ambulance service, and Cardiology Hospitals in Madurai so that it could be easier to reach them on time.

Identify the best emergency care hospital in Madurai

Don’t waste time Googling the nearest best emergency care or Cardiology Hospitals in Madurai during a medical emergency. Instead, look for the information ahead and keep the hospital address and phone number in your cell phone or at your home so that you don’t have to waste time. Every minute matters a lot when it comes to a medical emergency.

Call an ambulance

During a medical emergency, it is best to call the ambulance rather than driving yourself. If the patient is experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, significant pain, and bleeding, dizziness, weakness, calling the ambulance service is the best option. Never wait to call the emergency hospital and ambulance service.